Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.

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    Otsuka Chemical Co., Ltd.

    3-2-27 Ote-dori, Chuo-ku

    +81 3529 72727

    Otsuka Chemical Co. Ltd. manufactures and commercializes several products as a specialist in Titanate chemistry. Our most representative products are DENTALL WK and TISMO. DENTALL WK is a microscopic potassium titanate that can be used as reinforcement filler. It is covered with a nanometer-thin conductive layer. DENTALL WK has stable and homogeneous conductivity under diverse environmental exposures. Our products offer a wide range of conductivity which is consistent and easy to control. DENTALL can provide conductive properties to paints, primers for plastic parts and plastic compounds and formulations and is specially used for white and pale colour formulations due to its high whiteness. The second representative product is TISMO . It is a microscopic potassium titanate fiber used for reinforcement. There are three most important features which characterize its uniqueness: micro fine size, high strength and low hardness. The diameter of TISMO is below 1 micrometer and length is in the range of 10-20 micrometers. Although TISMO fiber is significantly smaller than glass fibers, its tensile strength and tensile modulus are significantly bigger. TISMO Mohs hardness is lower compared to glass or carbon fibers. Our product is a soft reinforcing material compared to the hardness of softer metals like aluminum. This softness character results in TISMO fibers being less abrasive effect on metallic parts in case of direct contact. This makes plastic compounds reinforced with TISMO as suitable candidates for metal parts substitution in automotive or electric/electronic devices with sliding parts.